Shroud will wrap templated classes and functions for explicit instantiations. The template is given as part of the decl and the instantations are listed in the cxx_template section:

- decl: |
      template<typename ArgType>
      void TemplateArgument(ArgType arg)
  - instantiation: <int>
  - instantiation: <double>

options and format may be provide to control the generated code:

- decl: template<typename T> class vector
  cxx_header: <vector>
  - instantiation: <int>
      C_impl_filename: wrapvectorforint.cpp
      optblah: two
  - instantiation: <double>

For a class template, the class_name is modified to included the instantion type. If only a single template parameter is provided, then the template argument is used. For the above example, C_impl_filename will default to wrapvector_int.cpp but has been explicitly changed to wrapvectorforint.cpp.

Functions can be created which return a templated class:

- decl: vector<int> getVector()

The result type must be instantiated via the cxx_template block before it can be used.